Extinction Rebellion South West WA Red Rebels – Bunbury action 22/2/2020

Video support orchestral music: ‘Lament’ by Gordon Tayler © 2010

We are facing an unprecedented global emergency. The government has failed to protect us. To survive, it’s going to take everything we’ve got – all our ingenuity and creativity, and especially our connection to resilient grassroots communities. We call on everyone, regardless of your political beliefs, to join us in fighting for the survival of life on earth.

The ‘Red Rebel’ brigade symbolises the common blood we share with all species, that unifies us and makes us one.

As such we move as one, act as one and more importantly feel as one.

We are unity and we empathise with our surroundings.

We are forgiving.

We are sympathetic and humble, compassionate and understanding.

We divert, distract, delight and inspire the people who watch us.

We illuminate the magic realm beneath the surface of all things and we   invite people to enter in.

We make a bubble and calm the storm.

We are peace in the midst of war.

We are who the people have forgotten to be!

‘Lament’ (unaccompanied flute solo) at Bunbury Garden Labyrinth played by the composer Gordon Tayler

‘In our darkest hour, when humanity laments its own fragility,

Music cuts through the sadness, makes sense of the madness,

Eases the pain, and brings back hope’.

(text by Gordon Tayler  © 2020)

The sheet music & audio for this unaccompanied flute solo (‘Lament’) are available as digital downloads from this website:

You Are So Beautiful – music, lyrics & vocals by Gordon Tayler

A 2020 musical Christmas gift for everyone – hope you enjoy.

Originally, the song was written for my dear mother Dorothy, who left this world 11 years ago. Studio recorded this year and video filmed yesterday on Christmas Eve 2020. 

In the COVID year of 2020, the lyrics seemed especially relevant to all the wonderful grandmothers of the world, and indeed to all the seniors who have been most vulnerable during this time of uncertainty. 

Lyrics, music, orchestrations, arrangement, vocals & video production by Gordon Tayler for gtmusic

© Copyright 2020 Gordon Tayler  All Rights Reserved

Studio recording by Neil Davies (Touchwood Studios, Gelorup WA) now available as a digital download from this website  under the ‘Singles’ tab (Home page 2nd from top in left hand column).

Sir Hubert Wilkins – song ‘The Incredible Lightness of Flight’ by Gordon Tayler

Sir Hubert Wilkins was this amazing South Australian early 20th century aviator, Arctic/Antarctic explorer, WW1 photographer, Urantia Book student, and so much more. This video uses one of my vocal works ‘The Incredible Lightness of Flight” (lyric subtitles included) as the soundscape for an original photo montage of some of Wilkins flying adventures. Many of these photos Wilkins took himself. The vocalist is Megan Wilson, a speech pathology student from Melbourne, who has a fine soprano voice.

© Copyright 2020 Gordon Tayler

‘Black Lives Matter’ rally Saturday 6th June 2020 Bunbury WA

As COVID-19 declines in Australia, after most Australians have been through a time of isolation and hopefully some deep reflection, right now is the best chance we as grassroots communities, both black and white and everything else, are ever going to have to really support our beautiful First Nations Peoples, to acknowledge our dark history, to demand change, to join the push for equality and fairness for Indigenous Australians. As the Jack Davis poem/song used here in this video says “this is ours together, this nation, no need for separation …”


Breaking New Ground – music & lyrics by Gordon Tayler © 2020

Extinction Rebellion South West (XRSW) is on the move.This a song for the XR rebels called ‘Breaking New Ground’. XR is now an amazing world-wide movement demanding real action on this escalating climate emergency. Learn the chorus – simple and easy to sing. Then join us in our peaceful non-violent actions. Sing and dance with us and let your voice be heard. Let your children and grandchildren know that you stood up to make a difference.


Gordon Tayler’s piano solo preview samples – music series video (#5)

This music series video (#5) displays short preview samples of many of my keyboard/piano compositions at intermediate to advanced levels – all available for online purchase and download of the full sheet music and their audio mp3s – on this website:

Bunbury Masters Swimming Club Relay Event 5/8/2020

This video captures one of the annual fun events hosted by the Bunbury Masters Swimming Club – lots of medley & freestyle relays for swimmers of all levels of ability. The Club is open to any adult who enjoys swimming, or used to enjoy swimming and would like to start again in a safe friendly environment. Swimmers of all abilities are welcome. They train in the South West Sports Centre’s 50m indoor heated pool in Bunbury.

The musical backdrop for the video is a song entitled ‘Together We Rise’ from my 2014 Vocal Works CD of the same name. This song features South-West tenor Rob Littlewood, as well as a vocal backing ensemble.

Nocturne (#1) – intermediate piano solo

Music video series for piano composed & performed by Gordon Tayler © 2019

Nocturne: This piano solo should be played with a sense of mystery, of being alone, but not lonely, of quiet joyfulness as one is surrounded by the dark beauty of the night. The first theme (section A) in Eb major takes a few bars to find its tonal centre – beginning in the dorian mode; the mystery of the night is immediately apparent. The main theme (section B) at bar 12 is in Ab major – play with rhythmical evenness and a sense of inner joy – the darkness is not to be feared. Bars 20 to 23 is like the breath or pulse of the night – expanding / contracting. In section C beginning at bar 24, the pianist can use rubato to create their own expression with subtle tempo changes. Here our imagination soars, uninhibited by the busyness of the daylight hours – the mind becomes still. One feels content and connected – and then sleep.

Slipstream (#2) – intermediate piano solo

Music video series for piano composed & performed by Gordon Tayler © 2019

Slipstream: This early intermediate piano solo has a legato feel throughout, with some rubato recommended to help shape  each phrase – the music should flow easily and rhythmically, paying careful attention to dynamics and tempo changes. Use the pedal sparingly, mainly to connect LH chord changes. The change of hand positions (RH under LH at bar 25, and reversed at bar 28) should flow smoothly without disturbing the rhythmical evenness. Soft LH chords with a well weighted RH melody is essential for good balance. The last 4 bars should have a descending whirlpool effect. And for a different feel, play the piece a second time with a swing beat. This piece evokes the image of riding a bicycle with the wind at your back, the movement flowing and effortless, full of freedom and joy.


Sunrise Fantasy

The below video is a 19min uncut video of a beautiful sunrise taken from my home in Usher, with my music and various affirmations woven into the fabric.

It brings together something of my songwriting/composing and personal meditation journey, placed within the visual component of video.

South West Sports Centre Bunbury Skins Swim Event

A unique competitive swimming event held at the Bunbury Recreation Centre Sports Complex in 2018. The action is set to the 4th movement (Water) of my Orchestral Suite in A minor.

Bunbury Regional Entertainment Centre Concert 2011

The South West Philharmonic Orchestra live playing my orchestral suite “EARTH AIR FIRE WATER”.

SAVE KAYBAN Rally/March Bunbury 10th August 2019


Kayban Jamshaad has severe haemophilia and an acquired brain injury, which occurred when he was born at St John of God Bunbury Hospital.

Even though his family is covering all his current medical expenses, he is still facing deportation, because under Australia’s immigration laws, applicants can be rejected if they have any condition which could result in significant healthcare costs.

It’s so important that we as an empowered grassroots community in the Bunbury area support this family, so Kayban can continue to receive the treatment that he needs to live. If he is deported he will likely suffer a painful and premature death.

Please help us to get the attention of the prime minister and immigration minister, as well as the general public by sharing this video, or the link to my website video page ( with your family and friends.

Kayban’s case has been taken to the Administrative Appeals Tribunal and a hearing date has been set for August 29. 

Medical specialists said the Maldives (where his family is originally from) was not equipped to manage Kayban’s complex health needs, and forcing him to live there would most likely be fatal.

His mother, Shizleen Aishath, said the family is expecting a rejection from the Administrative Appeals Tribunal because the same has happened in previous, similar cases. 

“We need the community to let the decision makers know that it is not ok to send Kayban to a country that he has never been to, where he is bound to suffer like his life doesn’t matter,” she said. 

Kayban’s family held a March to #savekayban event on August 10th 2019 in Bunbury, to thank the community for their support. This is the video of that important grassroots community event.