I’d learned the Blues Scale but couldn’t do a great deal with it until I came across the ‘Blue Boogie’ intermediate level piano solo. Throw in a boogie left hand and pepper the blues scale with a few chords and the result is something quite refreshing – and not all that hard to learn.

Paul de Laeter

I liked the 4th movement of the Orchestral Suite “WATER”. It expresses the flow and beauty of the substance. I was principal 1st violinist for it’s world premiere performance in 2011, and it was a pleasure to perform.

Sabine Phulf

I loved the opportunity to learn and play many of your flute pieces. “Flying Free” & “Over the Moon” will stay with me forever. And “Summer Sailing”. And “Sunrise”. It was such an honour to have been your student.

Sarah Peisley

I had the pleasure of playing with the South West Philharmonic for the world premiere of Gordon Tayler’s orchestral suite ‘Earth Air Fire Water’, conducted by Gordon. For me, this suite has many layers and especially evokes images of the South West of Western Australia. I like the contrasts within and between the movements and the emotional intensity of the work has a moving ebb and flow throughout. Along with the poetic introduction to each movement, there is much opportunity for individual reflection and inspiration to be gained from each listening of this work. Gordon was professional and enjoyable to work with and I look forward to playing more of his works.

Elizabeth Tindale

Congratulations on your great website!

Hugh Ryder

The music in the Orchestral Suite ‘Earth Air Fire Water’ is very evocative, taking you on a journey through a range of emotions. The movements are aptly named, each piece invokes strong associations to the landscape. “Fire” is particularly reminiscent of bush fires, capturing the ferocity of the Australian bush fire, for example.

Lindon (South West Philharmonic clarinetist)

“For One And For All” (a vocal work in memory of Bunbury clarinet player Luke di Bona) is a very moving piece. You find yourself humming it for weeks afterwards. The combination of voice, flute, oboe, two clarinets and piano are beautifully interwoven.

Lindon (South West Philharmonic clarinetist)

I’ve been singing your song “All is Well” as a way of staying calm and positive. This week has been a very stressful one for me workwise, and the song been very helpful! Thank you for your lovely music!

Julie Ranson (member of Bunbury’s ‘Vocal Fusion’ choir)

It really has been a pleasure to help make your music ‘come alive’ in the recording studio.

Rob Littlewood (featured vocalist/tenor on Gordon’s album ‘Together We Rise’)

Have had my preliminary casual listen to the CD, responding to the immediate aesthetic, and really enjoyed the tunes and melodies. Appreciated the ease of listening. Enjoyed the warmth and richness of the voices, particularly Nerida’s, and especially loved the duets. I’m in awe at the demonstration of local South West talent, and its richness. You’re songs are just so amazing!!

Jill Reading

I have just listened to your splendid album ‘Together We Rise’. What a wonderful job you have done. The disc presentation is so professional and appealing and I was so impressed with the other songs. Overall I enjoyed the variety of styles you have at your creative command . Congratulations.

Cornelius de Munck (featured vocalist/bass baritone on Gordon’s album ‘Together We Rise’)

I really enjoyed hearing the stories behind each song as they were introduced at the premiere concerts. My favourite was Neil’s ‘There is a Love’, but I loved the music for all of them. You have such a talent – so enjoyable to share that together.

Elizabeth Tindale (orchestra concert master for launch of Gordon’s album ‘Together We Rise’)

Recently I attended a wonderful ‘world premiere’ concert at St Boniface Cathedral in Bunbury – the launch of Gordon Tayler’s Vocal Works album ‘Together We Rise”. I sat on the edge of my seat, trying to catch every word, while listening to the lovely tunes that Gordon has composed. The lyrics fitted in with the music so comfortably, and were so meaningful that I soon realized the whole work comprised important scenes from Gordon’s life, and expressed the values that are important to him – and isn’t this what the arts is all about? Gordon, congratulations on a marvelous achievement of which you should be very proud indeed. I’ve known for some time that we have some excellent singers and musicians here in Bunbury – and now I know we have an outstanding songwriter and composer as well!

Stephen Foster

What a wonderful musical treat to listen to your just released CD ‘Together We Rise’ – just wanted to say “congratulations!” Love the soaring and the very ‘Gordonesque’ musical signature. The way the notes are put together has something which tells me its you.

Stephen Carthew

Your music is wonderful Gordon. I travel through the lovely Somerset countryside in England on my way to work each morning, & listening to your CD is just delightful.

Margaret Young

Your songs and music have touched me very deeply, have enrichened me, and have amplified my own journey.

Peter Huxtable

Beautiful music. Complex, melodic and a joy to sing!

Tom Hollingsworth