Journey’s End



This flute duet with piano accompaniment has some quite difficult sections for both flute players – definitely for the more advanced flute student, especially the coda mostly in Eb minor (6 flats). The work is written in ternary form (ABA), plus coda. Section  A moves from D minor to its’ relative major F; section B is in D minor; coda begins in Eb minor, but modulates to other keys, concluding in D major. The music has a modern contemporary style, with elements of jazz & soft rock, strong rhythms, and distinctive tuneful melodies. The coda moves along rapidly in a difficult key, so plenty of slow practice is needed here to programme the fingers.

The piece as a whole is like the journey of life, with it’s ups and downs, and mood changes, moments of abundant joy, but also times of sadness and introspection. In the coda, one has a sense that as the journey approaches its’ final stages, there seems to be so much more that still needs to be done. There is an urgency, a battle against time, and in the end an acceptance that one lifetime is never enough time to fulfill all of one’s dreams.

sample audio


sample sheet music

Level of Difficulty: ★★★★½

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