Rumba Down Under (Orchestral – surfing memories from Red Bluff WA)

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This piece was inspired by family holidays at Red Bluff, an isolated surfing location north of Carnarvon in WA. An ocean teaming with life, energy and abundance with a magical left hand point break that surfers dreams about. Here you come about as close as you will ever get to seeing the macho Aussie male totally immersed in something that requires great strength, courage and skill, but at the same time is also beautiful, graceful and artistic. The ‘rumba’ is the Latin-American dance of love, very sensual, where the dancers are joined at the hip like the surfer to his wave. The music is at times forceful and powerful to capture the unrelenting power and danger of the ocean waves, but the rumba melody well into the piece is light and playful, graceful and rhythmical, with lots of conversation between instruments – the abundant life bursting forth from this marine paradise.
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purchasing arrangements of all scores (conductor’s and extracted parts), and associated audio, to be made via email please.
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