Hide and Swing



Hide and Swing is entirely in a jazz swing style, but the swing becomes temporarily hidden from bar 13 by the continuous stream of rhythmical thirds across each minum space in the RH. The swing rhythm then re-emerges at bar 23. Its’ category as an advanced piano solo is mostly about the key, F#major with its’ six sharps. Get familiar with its’ scale, similar and contrary, 4 octave arpeggios including the dominant 7th arpeggio (V7). Listen for the two bar phrasing in the middle section (bars 13 – 23), and apply a little rubato to help the listener identify each phrase without disturbing too much the hidden swing feature of the continuous thirds. The form is ternary (ABA) – gradually build the dynamic in the last 4 bars of Section B (bars 23 – 26) to approach fortissimo (ff). Pedal sparing mainly to connect the LH chords, and to build the dynamic in Section B.

sample audio

sample sheet music

Level of Difficulty: ★★★★☆


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