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This elementary piano solo is a good piece to strengthen a young pianist’s LH, as the forceful main melody begins in the left. The student should maintain a firmness in the end finger joint to bring out a singing tone. Any collapsing of this knuckle will tend to create a shallow ‘on the surface’ resonance. The general rule is don’t play accompanying chords too heavily as they may overshadow the single note main melody – but with this ‘in your face’ rock piece, at bars 5 to 8, the balance between the RH chords and the LH melody can be fairly even. Bars 13 to 16 demonstrate what rock musicians sometimes refer to as the I/VI/VII ‘power chords’, or in this particular key,  A minor (I), F major (VI), G major (VII). The IV chord (D minor) is present at bar 13, but doesn’t carry the musical ‘umphfff’ that the power chords at bar 14 bring to the piece. The ending is an exercise in RH / LH unisons an octave apart – maintain firm finger shapes, follow the suggested fingering, and crescendo towards the ‘fortissimo’.

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Level of Difficulty: ★☆☆☆☆


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