Becoming Free



This song is based on the writings of Tasmanian Michael Roads. To feel I was doing justice to his thought provoking ideas, it took me some 12 years to complete the lyrics. His notion is that we live in a benevolent universe that supports whatever our attention is fixed on. WE may think some idea, event or behaviour is positive or negative, true or false, good or bad – but do the higher powers of the universe place value judgements on these things – or does the gift of free will take precedence, so that whatever we focus on, or whatever decisions we make in our lives, these will be supported by this benevolent power. In other words, we, by our thoughts, feelings, words and deeds, create our own reality through our connection to this non-judgemental universe. This can be hard to get your mind around, and for me it is by no means the ‘final word’. For example, is re-incarnation relevant in such a discussion? And in the end, even if you reject Michael’s ideas, we can only be richer for examining notions that do not always sit comfortably with our own.

So in essence this song is asking an important question about the evolution of human consciousness – can we use our free will as individuals and as a connected humanity in a benevolent universe to move collectively towards a stronger sense of freedom and goodwill for all people?

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Level of Difficulty: ★★★★☆


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