Winter Waltz



This flute duet has a slow waltz feel, but in compound duple rather than simple triple time. The opening legato melody needs a rich warm tone with some sense of rubato – outside the winter is cold and dark, but by the fire-place all is peaceful and content. Various modulations & key changes in the first half create a changing sense of mood and movement. The main feature of the piece then follows – the interwoven counter-melodies between the two flute players beginning at bar 32. It is like a warm fire-side conversation, a friendly exchange of opposing ideas that gives meaning to the notion ‘the whole is greater than the sum of its’ parts’. For the best result here, both players should develop a strong ensemble connection, listening carefully to the others line while playing their own. At bar 51 the counter melodies are repeated – the flutists can swap the parts around if they wish – we are both richer for listening and trying to appreciate the others point of view. Such thoughts are at the heart of both my instrumental & vocal composing – that of the ‘evolution of consciousness’.

sample audio

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sample sheet music

Level of Difficulty: ★★★½☆

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