Earth Air Fire Water (Orchestral Suite in A minor)

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The EARTH (1st movement) is the WINTER, when the life forces are held within the ground – the inner forces are active, the outer is dormant. It is a time of inner reflection – and so musically the ‘EARTH’ movement has a sense of quite darkness and anticipation of nature soon springing into life. The gradual building layer on layer of sound is like a meditation that takes us moment by moment into a deeper and more fulfilling reality. In embryo or in death, the earth gives life and takes life – it is where our journey begins and ends.


The AIR (2nd movement) is the SPRING, when all begins to rise up in haste, an outpouring of new beginnings like our youthfulness or adolescence. As an element, air lacks visible form, but is there all the same, totally seamless and interconnected. Much of the melodic structure in this movement moves by step to capture this quality. The music emerges from the winter stillness into sudden bursts of exuberance and excitement.


The FIRE (3rd movement) is the SUMMER – full of passion and intensity, days so long and fair, when the fruits of our labours manifest in abundance, when we celebrate the light and warmth, the joy of being alive.


The WATER (4th movement) is the AUTUMN – water is the element of the spirit, a time of letting go as we journey back towards the timelessness of the winter. The leaves are gone, the trees are bare – we approach our senior years, and become more of who we really are. A lifetime of experiences now bring us a stillness and inner peace (hopefully) as we reflect on our individual search for meaning.

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