Jazzin’ Thru Spring



The swing rhythm gives this work a light easy flowing jazz feel – joyful, as we emerge from the cold of winter, but the changeable nature of the Spring is still apparent, with frequent changes in key and time signatures throughout. Note the continuous modulations occurring in bars 27 to 33 – I have tried to create a sense of nothing stays the same for very long in the Spring, as everywhere,┬ánew life rises up in haste. Don’t let the tempo drag – keep pushing forward with a strong sense of rhythm. There are many short bursts of question & answer type conversation between the piano and flute, especially bars 34 to 39. The teacher should encourage the flute student to explore and shape the conversations with the accompanist. The only really long note for the flutist is the last one – summer is almost here, with its warm days so long and fair. Conserve your air, pushing the lower lip forward to prevent flatness as you taper the diminuendo.

sample audio


sample sheet music

Level of Difficulty: ★★★★☆

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