Oh Birther (Aramaic Lord’s Prayer)



Oh Birther was inspired by the Aramaic Lord’s Prayer that is believed to be closer to the actual prayer prayed by Jesus in its’ true translation from the original Aramaic language that was spoken back in those days. Firstly, I set the text of the prayer to a melody and piano accompaniment (this vocal work for solo soprano or tenor is also available on my website). However, I discovered with a little adjustment, the piano accompaniment actually stood alone as a worthwhile piano solo, which is now this post. Db major always feel good under the fingers – a great key to get familiar with. The work is mostly within the softer dynamic ranges (requiring delicate weighting of the keys), as is reflective of inner spiritual experiences, but with some heights of  joy and connection to the divine along the way. Enjoy its’ meditative space.

sample audio

sample sheet music

Level of Difficulty: ★★★★½


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