Rainy Sunday


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Young piano students at about Grade 2/3 level will find this light swing piano solo very enjoyable – a great little showpiece for concerts, Eisteddfods (Australian Composer or Jazz/Blues sections), or piano exam Extra Lists. Clapping the rhythm on a verse like “The Teddy Bear’s Picnic” (‘if you go down to the woods today …’) – will help the student to feel & understand the swing pulse. The mood is one of a child patiently waiting for the rain to stop, so that he/she can go outside to play on their day off. Brief moments of sunshine (mf and f passages – bars 26 & 38) bring hopeful expectation, but inevitably the rain and resignation return with the restating of the main theme. Give careful attention to dynamics, tempo changes and fingering, as well as the usual singing RH. In the forte section (bars 38 to 44), encourage the student to explore & enjoy the full tonal resonance that the piano can give even a young player. Use the pedal sparingly mainly to connect changing hand positions (e.g. bar 46).

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Level of Difficulty: ★★☆☆☆

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