Rumba Down Under




‘Like a ballet on water, wave and sand,

This rumba down under, this beautiful man,

Joined at the hip to his watery wife,

Consumed by tunnels of shimmering white,

Gracefully weaving his dance of love,

Off that dry desert headland we call ‘Red Bluff.’

(text by Gordon Tayler)


This flute solo with piano accompaniment was inspired by family holidays at Red Bluff, an isolated surfing location north of Carnarvon in WA – an ocean teaming with life, energy and abundance, with a magical left hand point break that surfers dream about. Here, you come about as close as you will ever get to seeing the macho Aussie male totally immersed in something that requires great strength, courage and skill, but at the same time is also extremely beautiful, graceful and artistic – indeed, pure ballet. The ‘rumba’ is the Latin-American dance of love – very sensual, where the dancers are joined at the hip like the surfer to his wave. The music is at times forceful and powerful to capture the unrelenting power and danger of the ocean waves, but the main rumba melody (bars 61-84) is light and playful, graceful and rhythmical.

The downloadable zip files for these flute solos with piano accompaniment, contain a pdf master score for the solo flute and the piano part, an individual flute solo pdf extract, an mp3 audio of the master score (flute & piano), as well as an mp3 flute solo backing track with only the piano accompaniment to assist practice.

sample audio

sample sheet music

Level of Difficulty: ★★★½☆


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